Ballroom Calender

Dear dancers,

      I have decided that as of January 1, 2018 I am going to shut down my website.

      I want to thank Steve Wilkerson many times over for building this website for me!!! It sure was easier than

sending out emails to everyone!

      I hope by now, you all have a pattern of where you might go every week, and can secure calendars from them!

I just hope everyone KEEPS ON DANCIN!

     Thanks to all who have told me that they have used and like very much my website! I just hope that I was able to

make it a little easier these last few years to help everyone find places to dance!


      Jessie Garinger

  There are 2 people interested in continuing with a Dance Calendar.

Please go to their pages and give them info on how you like their

Format, and suggestions on what you want to see. Thanks!

Austin Pranger—